Join Us for An Old Fashioned Debate!

On this weeks episode, the Darlings dig into the history of the Old Fashioned and the best way to make them!  Listen to it here.  Drink with the Darlings below, find out how each Darling made their Old Fashioneds!


Traditional Old Fashioned

-2oz Rye

1 Demerara Sugar Cube

1 Dash Orange Bitters

Orange Peel

In a shaker add sugar cube with warm water, crush stir to dissolve. Ad bitters, then Rye, then ice. Shake and strain.


Maple Sugar Old Fashioned

2oz Bourbon (High Proof)

1/2oz of Brown Sugar Simple Syrup (1part water/1part Brown Sugar - simmered on stove until sugar is dissolved)

3-4 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Orange Peels Twist

Boozy Cherries

Add Simple Syrup to tumbler, add bitters, add bourbon and stir. Rim glass with Citrus Peel and add Cherry garnish.